In 2006 we launched H.W.A. as a communication platform for news about the freenigma service, our pet project effort to bring e-mail encryption to the masses - together with GnuPGs Werner Koch.

The freenigma service is quite successful - even though it is not the perfect solution for encrypting e-mail, because it manages both the public and the private key in one place. It is for normal people who have not the technical background to install and run things like GnuPG or PGP and who use Web-Mail. These people have no encryption at all or they can use the freenigma service.

Before freenigma service, we developed another pet project, the freenigma appliance. This is a free-software alternative to the proprietary systems from PGP Corp. and Utimaco. We transfered the project and its code to Inmedias, a company well-known in the free software community in germany. Inmedias will market the freenigma appliance in the future.

Now we have room for "new adventures" on H.W.A and we celebrated this with a new layout for this blog which is more close to our corporate design.