European Common Lisp Meeting 2008, April 20, Amsterdam

I am invited as a speaker to the ECLM 2008 in Amsterdam. This is the abstract of my talk:

"Using Common Lisp for Large Internet Systems"

The internet is full of interesting problems for computer scientists. Large internet systems tend to be used by hundreds of thousands to millions ofusers. Many of them "serve the long-tail" with millions of products or a large numbers of other content items like text, video and sound. Always, the main problem to solve is to help the user to find "the needle in the haystack". Obviously, such systems need intelligent algorithms and efficient implementations.

This raises the question, which programming language is the right tool to implement such systems. Currently most large internet systems are written in Java, which is not exactly famous for its briefness. Neither is C++. And more and more people are starting to use Ruby (on Rails) because "Ruby is an acceptable Lisp".

Paul Graham said: "Lisp's power is multiplied by the fact that your competitors don't get it".

How could we improve, if we used Common Lisp to build internet systems? This talk provides an in-depth analysis of current and future trends in web/internet programming and shows how to use Common Lisp as a tool to implement intelligent internet systems using the functional paradigm and sometimes even artificial intelligence algorithms. I will reveal what kind of Common Lisp systems we at technologies already have in production and what we are currently working on.