Weihnachtszocken at freiheit.com 2009

Last Weekend, it started all over again: We celebrated our traditional "Weihnachtszocken" (zocken is german slang for gaming) in our lovely "Gartenhaus" (a part of the company complex with its own garden).

While initiating the event, there was a new attendee record in the air. Finally we had 23 (!!) registrations for gaming. Of course, on the event day we had some failure based on self-updating Windows-Operating-Systems (damn you!!) and overlong game installations (Next time: start some days earlier ;-) ). Theses failures just have lead to maximum 19 simultanious gamers. But hey, still exceptional!

Our lovely "Gartenhaus" was a perfect gaming location as usual, nearly everybody used the big screens and we had a working network with internet flat and separated from our valuably internal server systems, which should be secured from our windows infected gaming pcs ;-).

Like every year we played on the same great game: Team Fortress 2. It's an ego shooter, which makes it easy for beginner but nevertheless offers a lot of strategic challenges to the more experienced gamer.

To sum up it was a great day with a lot emotions: